Wednesday, September 2, 2015

currently ..

Currently ...

reading: The Undertaker's Daughter.  I checked it out from the library a few weeks ago, and am only reading a few pages each night before I fall asleep!

making: I've been feeling a bit creative lately, and so have been making this jewelry dishes inspired by A Beautiful Mess tutorial.  It's pretty fun and I'm enjoying mixing colors ... I guess y'all know what everyone is getting for Christmas, ha ;)

pinning: recipes and furniture. When I'm not creating marbled ring dishes, I'm cooking or shopping for furniture.

anticipating: tomorrow night's first football game of the season! If you didn't know, football season is so close.  UNC plays the "other" Carolina (USC) tomorrow night in Charlotte.  Sadly, we won't be making the drive to Charlotte, but we will be cheering loudly from our house!

loving: that it is September! I mean, it still feels like summer, but the crowds are dwindling at the beach, football season is here, and before we know it, I'll be embracing jeans and sweaters.  I mean I even bought a mercury glass-esque pumpkin for our kitchen table yesterday :) But until fall, I'll enjoy the quiet beach days and warm evening bike rides!

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Monday, August 24, 2015

paddle boarding for my 31st

In the beginning of August, Rob asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday.  After some thought, I decided I wanted to go paddle-boarding!  Rob booked us a two-hour group lesson at Wrightsville SUP since it was our first time, and boy was it helpful!! 

We arrived a bit early and found out it was only us in the lesson. Our guide was so much fun, and great at giving tips.  We ended up doing a 4 mile loop around Wrightsville - if you've ever been on a boat down here, you've probably done this water loop :) By the time we wrapped back to Lee's Cut, I was beat, but I made it back! It was so much fun, I can't wait to go again! 

I realized after the fact that I didn't get a picture of us on our paddleboards :( BUT, we did it and it was fun! Saturday was my day to enjoy, so Rob & I enjoyed sandwiches at Chops Deli before we joined my friend Anna and her boyfriend on the beach at the Blockade Runner.  It was such great luck that they were in town for a conference because they got to join in on the celebration too! 

A day on the water and beach really took it out of me, but I rallied after a nice shower and cup of coffee ... just in time for meeting Anna & Michael for a birthday dinner at Brasserie

(I mean a birthday dinner selfie is necessary prior to leaving the house - and it shows off my favorite new earrings). 

Brasserie was wonderful as usual, and I even tried their key lime pie mini - perfect tartness and size (it's in a little shot glass).  We wandered a few doors down to 1900 where the drinks were deliciously flowing and the people watching was on point! 

If my birthday celebration is any indication, thirty one is going to be a pretty great year! 

We wrapped up the weekend with an afternoon on the beach and dinner with my parents.  My birthday is Wednesday, and we have a work function that is occupying the evening, but Rob did a pretty great job making the weekend a fun celebration! 

Friday, August 14, 2015

::five on friday::

It's the weekend! We have some fun plans this weekend, but not overly packed so that we can get some things done too :) 
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I realized last weekend that I really only had 2 bathing suits that were wearable, and many that needed to be discarded!  Well, I found a couple of bathing suits online at Lord & Taylor onsale, and some kind of miracle happened because they fit! I'm sure I'll be sporting these on the beach soon :) 


Want to know a way to my heart? A fridge full of La Croix! So nice and refreshing during these summer days when it is too early to break out the bottle of wine :) 


Well, I'm realizing I am no designer, but I am trying put more pictures up around the house (per Rob's request).  
Our family room mantle above needs some serious color, but for now that will have to do.  And I got some pictures hung in the hall to our closet & master bath.  Trust me when I say, we're better off keeping the bathroom door open than seeing the "linen closet" that it behind it ... I'm not sure what they thought when creating that space, but I am going to need to figure it out because it is a current disaster of things that I don't know where to put them! 


I'm reading "The Underwriting" and this F. Scott Fitzgerald quote stuck out when I cracked it open last night: 


If you follow on instagram, you've seen this, but I'm working on a project this weekend that involves a paint additive to give the furniture a "saltwash" look.  I've had this bookcase for years after taking it from my parents (and my grandfather built it for them); it needed some TLC and so I decided to give it a try.  We'll see how it goes and then where it goes.  I love the things I've seen done with the Saltwash, so I hope I like what I create! 

Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

gardening at home

I have been working a lot in our yard, but if you drive by I'm willing to bet you won't notice!  We have some huge azalea bushes that I don't want to cut back until next summer ... I want blooms next year :) But it makes our yard look out-of-control, sorry neighbors - we're in a slow and steady mode!

I've never had much interest in gardening or yard work, but buying a half acre and not wanting to spend furniture or travel money on the yard has turned me to learning about our yard. I'm learning I'm terrible at identifying flowers and plants, but thankfully downloaded an app that helped me identify some mystery blooms in our yard! I just thought I'd share in case you're interested: LikeThat Garden app has been identifying plants all over my yard (and it is free!) so I can then google how to care for said plants.  

See that purple flower, it is a Rose of Sharon.  We have several of these in purple and pink in our back yard.  I originally thought it was a hibiscus ... I was sort of right, it is the same family. 

And these are blackberry lilies.  I thought they were orchids, but super confused how they could grow outdoors, ha.  

This guy didn't need identification, but found him cruising through our yard this morning after spin class! 

The one perk of gardening is getting to spend a lot of time outside! Thankfully it hasn't been too hot, but I think this fall and next spring will be much better for getting this yard squared away.  

Monday, August 10, 2015

weekend fun

With my brother in town, I started my weekend on Friday morning with a boat ride.  Unfortunately, the rain cut our ride short and pretty much continued the rest of the day. Those 10 minutes on the water without the crowds were pretty perfect!

Friday evening Rob and I drove up the highway to Emerald Isle.  We managed to miss the storms during our drive, and were greeted with a beautiful marsh view as we drove across the bridge! 

Saturday's weather was not so cooperative.  We got a bike ride in, then spent the afternoon dodging the rain on the beach.  Fortunately the dark clouds never made their way to our beach location, but it was touch and go most of the day. 

Despite the weather on Saturday, we enjoyed the day with my inlaws and family friends, ending it with a shrimp boil and wine (lots of wine). 

We biked (18 miles again!) on Sunday morning - it was picture perfect weather: mid70s and low humidity! Is it really August?!? 

We enjoyed a few hours on the beach in the afternoon - it is nice to only be 1.5 hours from home :) 

We left the beach around 5, unloaded our things (we don't lock our bikes on the back, so I'm afraid to stop too long with them on the truck) at the house, then found a spot at our favorite bar (Copper Penny) for dinner and a beer! 

It was a great, relaxing weekend.  I'm sorry for those experiencing a heat wave right now, but I will take the weather we have been given lately (even with all of the rain!).  Now to start the week of checking off to-do list items! 

Friday, August 7, 2015

::five on friday::

Let's talk about my ::five on friday:: since it is finally Friday! (I thought yesterday was Friday for way too long, and it was a disappointment when I found out it wasn't.). 


This new blog reading & writing (and internet searching) set-up is working just fine! we just set up the desk in the office, but it doesn't have a chair yet, and technically it is Rob's office.  So until further notice, I will be blogging and scheduling various appointments from the comfort of my own couch :)


My brother, Jimmy, is visiting my parents this weekend.  He works for Apple, so of course has all the gadgets, including the Apple watch.  I wasn't so sure of it, but after wearing & playing with it for a while, I'm a fan.  However, we looked at the one I want, of course it is $700 ... I don't think that will be coming home to me any time soon #somuchfurnituretobuyfirst.  Also, did you know there is a $17,000 Apple watch?!? Who would buy that?!?


Speaking of my brother, since he was in town we celebrated his birthday (was in July) and my birthday (end of August) with a family dinner at Brasserie du Soleil - my favorite restaurant in Wilmington.  Only, my mom forgot to tell our brother that lives with them, so he had other plans he couldn't cancel :( We'll try again for a family dinner that includes all of the family another time! 


This peach & burrata mozzarella salad with pistachios was amazing! If I can find some delicious cheese, I think I will try this at home because #summerpeaches.  Also, I am now a big fan of sharing dinner at Brasserie because mom & I did that last night, for once I enjoyed everything I wanted without feeling stuffed when leaving! 


I just thought I'd share my love for Club W wine box.  After answering some questions, they recommend wines and send 3 per box.  We haven't had a bad wine yet, and are trying some really awesome ones!! If you want to try it, leave your email below and I can send you a free box (well, you pay shipping & tax, but it's like $10 for 3 bottles of wine on your first box).  I already skipped a month because of the move, and it was super easy.  But, I love our new monthly delivery of wine - it's my present to myself for everyone to enjoy! 

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Currently I am ...

creating: various house projects that need to be completed.  We have a bookcase that my grandfather and dad built decades ago that needs a small makeover.  All was going well until I realized I need a power sander, since my hand sander is just not cutting it (or really smoothing it).

wishlisting: things for my birthday.  Actually, I need to get on this because it is officially my birthday month and I have no idea what I want for my birthday this year, well other than furniture and other house items! I mean, I wouldn't say no to that media console for the family room/den.

hoping: I can make some more progress on our yard.  It has rained for the last two days, and it is going to be super hot today, but maybe tomorrow I can get back to it.

eating: peaches.  My dad went on a golf trip and brought back a large bag of them.  I took some from my parents and can't stop eating them.  We're going out of town this weekend, but I will be on the lookout for a roadside stand because the grocery store peaches just aren't cutting it this year.

watching: jeopardy.  It is the only thing set on our DVR so we've been enjoying a round each evening after dinner.  I killed it last night for once ;)

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